Our favorite songs on Spotify

In the playlist below, you can find the most awesome songs we listen to on our bus while touring! If you like to, send us new tunes we need to listen to. The best songs will be part of this playlist and the one who sent it to us will be on the guestlist for a show of her/his choice. Have a look on our tour dates and share the spotify-link of your song on our facebook page to be part of our winter tour 2012!

New dates in november and december

Yep. We’re going on tour again. Playing a bunch of concerts in Germany and we really hope you’re coming out. We would really appreciate that! We’ll be playing all the songs from our current album and… yes… some new songs from our upcoming release. We’re so excited to present our new tunes to you and get your feedback. One of those songs is close to finished and comes out in early 2013. So have a peek to our upcoming stuff and come out to dance with us.

For all those dates check the shows section on our website. You can buy your tickets there and everything. In my mind I hear our bass-player Matthias singing with his bad-taste mood: “Can’t wait to be on the road again…” If he does it again and I can capture it with my iphone… I’m going to post it right here for you all to be amused or… horrified… ;-) However… see you soon.

We’ve got a new website… finally

Wow. It really took some time. But now… here we are with our new website and a lot of content like all the shows we’re playing, photos, videos, discography and… yes… many of you wrote us messages on facebook… here they are… the lyrics to our songs. The shop is under contruction. We hope you can order T-Shirts and other stuff there as soon as possible.

Hope you enjoy the stay. See you on our next show!