Merch Design Competition

Hey everybody!

This is a MERCH-DESIGN COMPETITION. Send us your ideas for t-shirts and tote bags until the 25th of January and you can win a freakin’ 2-YEARS-GUESTLIST-PASS for all our club-shows, two shirts and tote bags with your design and our endless love!

What do you think? Are you in?

Send us your ideas via Facebook or via mail to

Can’t wait!

“Deutsche Welle” Documentary

Hey folks, we were visited by “Deutsche Welle”. They made a short documentary about Wilhelm Tell Me, our show in Hamburg and our future plans. Enjoy! Best, Wilhelms.


Fools on Spotify

Hey everybody…

We’re glad to announce that Fools is now available on Spotify with some great remixes… hope you like it. The next song is already in progress…

Trailer for our new song Fools

Hey everybody. As you know… We’re coming up with new songs every six weeks this year. So here we go with our tune Fools coming out 10th of May. And yeah… if you are one of those lucky Spotify-users you can listen to the song via stream on the 7th of May already. So follow us on Spotify and you’ll get the update…

Anyways… here’s the trailer for you guys. Let us know if you like it or hate it and leave a comment on Youtube or Facebook or wherever we can read it ;-)

By the way… The track you can hear in the trailer is obviously not the actual song… but one of the great remixes that come along with the single. Saint Pauli, The Coconut Wireless, Radiokraft and Mendoza did their best to get that song on the dance floor.

Well. I don’t know what you guys are up to this week. But we have to keep the work up. The next song is waiting to get recorded, produced and mixed… and well… first of all… that song has to be written. But we’ve got some ideas.

Take care.

“Get Up” and new festival shows confirmed

We are very happy to release our 2nd single “Get Up” featuring our friend and great singer Birte. Enjoy listening and feel free to give any feedback.

We are very proud to be part of the Lunatic Festival, CSD-Berlin and Free & Easy Festival.

“Get Up” is now available on:

First Open Air Announcement for 2013

We are very happy to announce the first festival show for 2013.

We will play at Bock am Inn Festival on Sunday, 19th May.

Click here for Tickets.

More shows and news coming soon.

Cheers, Wilhelm.

New Video // KITE Released // New Yeah

Here it is, check out our brand new Video:

Please watch and share!

“Kite” is now available on:

Our new single Kite on Spotify

Ladies & Gentlemen, boys & girls.

Here it is: The exclusive pre-release of our new Single “KITE” on Spotify.

Listen, enjoy and share as much as you can and like!

Kite will be released this friday. Stay in touch for watching the new Video on friday, too

And 1000 Kisses to our choir ♥

Best, Wilhelm!

New EP “Julie” released!

Hey guys! We just released our fourth and last EP from our album “Excuse My French”. It`s a girl, and she`s called “Julie”.

Next to our single-edit you can listen to a very krink Remix from KRINK. He is from Germanys most wanted Technotrash-Label AUDIOLITH – great, nasty and wild guys…

A special international disco-retouch comes from CASSARA. Half Italian, half German, he sounds very french at the end. We are wondering why this guy is not signed to Kitsuné… How ever, our drummer likes to dance to this remix in front of the mirror – every day…
Last but not least, we asked our friends from I HEART SHARKS for another remix of our hit single “So Into You”. WE HEART IT!
Check it out!
You can buy it on iTunes / Amazon / Musicload or just listen to “Julie” for free on SPOTIFY and other streaming services.

Stopover for our new song

Those of you who came out to one of our shows last week already know that there are a few new songs. One of those songs is Kite which is in it’s final state of production. This evening we’re going to do a few minor changes to the mix and tomorrow while we’ll be on our way to Krefeld Michael Schwabe is going to make it sound right in his mastering-studio in Düsseldorf. We’re so excited that a very long production is coming to an end. We were recording drums, piano, guitars and vocals in different studios all over Hamburg until we had what we wanted. Now we just hope you guys like it as much as we do.

Don’t forget that there are more shows to come in the next weeks. So come out and have a good time with us. Just can’t wait to play the new songs to you and get your feedback after the show…