Such A Great Time… Well… Time, Yeah, Right.

photo by Simon Schwinge

photo by Simon Schwinge

Hey everybody, we’re back from our short little tour!

We were touring the last five days playing a lot of new and unreleased songs for you. We wanted to see how they work live and if you’re as excited about them as we are. The good news is: it turned out you are!

We had such a great time with all of you talking about those songs and our music after the shows and it really made us soooo happy that you’re still out there and still waiting and yearning for a new album to come out. There are just no words to describe how much this means to us…

Tour Early 2014 - Hannover

photo by Simon Schwinge

The bad news is: It’ll take a little more time for us to get that album done. I’ve got the feeling that we’re close to finish writing songs but we’re still squeezing our brains and fingers for the last couple of great songs we want you to have on our second album.

In addition to that we’re looking for some more support from the industry. I think you all know that it’s one of the hardest parts as an artist to find someone with money and faith in your music… which is necessary to spread the word about that upcoming album.

Nevertheless. We are crazy about our new album and want it to be out there as soon as possible but… well… time, yeah, right. It just takes time.

So please stay with us a little longer and we’re doing our best… deal?



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