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Trailer for our new song Fools

Hey everybody. As you know… We’re coming up with new songs every six weeks this year. So here we go with our tune Fools coming out 10th of May. And yeah… if you are one of those lucky Spotify-users you can listen to the song via stream on the 7th of May already. So follow us on Spotify and you’ll get the update…

Anyways… here’s the trailer for you guys. Let us know if you like it or hate it and leave a comment on Youtube or Facebook or wherever we can read it ;-)

By the way… The track you can hear in the trailer is obviously not the actual song… but one of the great remixes that come along with the single. Saint Pauli, The Coconut Wireless, Radiokraft and Mendoza did their best to get that song on the dance floor.

Well. I don’t know what you guys are up to this week. But we have to keep the work up. The next song is waiting to get recorded, produced and mixed… and well… first of all… that song has to be written. But we’ve got some ideas.

Take care.