New Video for Crashing Planes

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First thing 2015… Here comes our new video to Crashing Planes… Leave us a comment and tell us how you like it… x

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Goodbye 2014. Hello 2015!

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Well everybody. 2014 was a hell of a ride but it was great fun also. Thanks to everyone who supported us and tried to spread the word. We love you. Really – we do herunterladen. And may 2015 be another great year for all of us. We wanna thank you with another lyric video from our EP. Enjoy and cheers to all the believers out there spider herunterladen! See you next year!

Lyric Video for Growing Younger


Hey everybody, so excited to tell you that here comes our new official lyric video for Growing Younger. Watch it and tell us what you think!

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New EP is available now!

wilhelm_tell_me_-_a_short_story_for_the_road_EP_COVER_online_1200Hey everybody eclipse kostenlos downloaden! We’ve got something new for you! Our EP A Short Story for the Road is available now! Check it out and let us know what you think. Tweet and post about it…

We know it took some time since we released our first album the sims 3 hairstyles for free. So we really want to thank you guys for sticking with us and letting us know that this whole thing means something to you as well. We’re so lucky you guys are out there and we’re so keen on producing more songs for our upcoming album next year follow netflix on pc download. But for now. Let’s celebrate this release. See you on one of our shows!


x Henning

New Song: The Cool Kids

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Hey boys and girls… there’s a new song available on YouTube… Check this out…

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new song: Let Me Take You Away

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Today, on July 22nd 2014, our new song “Let Me Take You Away” comes out as a world exclusive pre release on Spotify. We are extremely excited shpock herunterladen! Listen to it, add it to your playlists and share it with your friends. We hope you’ll like it!

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In The Studio – Finally

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In The Studio With Paul

Hey everybody videos from website. We started working on the new record. And what can I say… We’re all pretty excited about it. Just wanted to let you know. :-)

We’re hard at work…

Let’s go piktograms powerpoint!

x Henning

Such A Great Time… Well… Time, Yeah, Right.

photo by Simon Schwinge

photo by Simon Schwinge

Hey everybody, we’re back from our short little tour macen pdf!

We were touring the last five days playing a lot of new and unreleased songs for you. We wanted to see how they work live and if you’re as excited about them as we are video herunterladen handy. The good news is: it turned out you are!

We had such a great time with all of you talking about those songs and our music after the shows and it really made us soooo happy that you’re still out there and still waiting and yearning for a new album to come out microsoft word für pc kostenlosen vollversion deutsch. There are just no words to describe how much this means to us…

Tour Early 2014 - Hannover

photo by Simon Schwinge

The bad news is: It’ll take a little more time for us to get that album done rabobank werkgeversverver. I’ve got the feeling that we’re close to finish writing songs but we’re still squeezing our brains and fingers for the last couple of great songs we want you to have on our second album open office deutsch kostenlos herunterladen.

In addition to that we’re looking for some more support from the industry. I think you all know that it’s one of the hardest parts as an artist to find someone with money and faith in your music… which is necessary to spread the word about that upcoming album herunterladen.

Nevertheless. We are crazy about our new album and want it to be out there as soon as possible but… well… time, yeah, right. It just takes time netflix to usb.

So please stay with us a little longer and we’re doing our best… deal?



Merch Design Competition Ended

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Wow everybody! You’ve sent us so many great designs for our new merchandise…
Can’t believe it. We’re discussing all your suggestions right now…
We’ll let you know what it’s gonna be very soon…

Thanks to you all herunterladen!

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“Spring”-Tour 2014

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hey guys,

we will be on the road (again) in february. there will be brand-new songs of our upcoming album.

have a look if we are around your place…

18.02.14 Potsdam – Washaus (Ruby Tuesday)
Beginn: 21.00 //
Tickets: 3 € AK

19.02.14 Hannover – Faust (Mephisto)
Einlass: 19.00 / Beginn: 20.00 //
Tickets: 12 € VVK / 15 € AK

20.02.14 Nürnberg – club stereo
Einlass: 20.00 / Beginn: 21.00 //
Tickets: 12 € VVK / 15 € AK

21.02.14 Karlsruhe – Tempel
Beginn: 20.00 //
Tickets: 11 € VVK / 14 € AK

22.02.14 Wuppertal – Live Club Barmen
Einlass: 19.00 / Beginn: 20.00 //
Tickets: 12 € / 15 €

we hope to see you there herunterladen.

cheers fd

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